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Rules and guidelines -the Notator mailing list

For the mailing list to operate properly, a few basic rules have to be followed..

*  Turn HTML off.
Not everybody's email software can handle HTML, but plain-text is suitable for everybody.
Also make sure that line breaks are set (preferrably at around 70-75 characters)
and that a quote character (>) is being used (more information further down on this page).
*  Don't quote entire messages.
When replying, remove excessive quoting, and write your comments in between the quoted text as this makes it easier for people to read (as opposed to quoting the entire message and writing your reply at the top of it all).
*  Remove signatures, fronters and footers when replying.
As with excessive quoting, signatures, fronters and footers (i.e. information at the bottom and top of each message regarding the mailing list) should be removed when replying to a message.
*  Don't post attachements to the list.
It's a much better idea to announce it to the list, then whoever's interested can contact you and get it mailed only to them.
You can also contact the list-owner if you want something uploaded to the Notator website.
*  Stick to the subject of the list.
Though it's sometimes hard to distinguish between what is topic and "off-topic", please keep in mind that this list is intended for discussing issues surrounding Notator SL.
*  Don't post private messages to the list.
Once in a while someone might post a "for sale" message (Notator hardware/software).
Make sure you reply directly to this person and not to the list. The rest of us have no interest in these discussions.
*  Spam is not tolerated!
Anyone posting unsolicited advertisements, "get rich quickly" schemes, chain-letters and other nuisances of the same sort will be removed from the list immediately and reported to the proper authorities.


A few notes about email settings

Several email programs are set up incorrectly by default and must be corrected before attempting to send messages to the Notator mailing list, or you may cause problems for others.

Use the instructions below as guides, noting that different versions may have minor differences in the setup procedures.
Even if your program isn't mentioned below you should check to see if at least HTML is switched off and line breaks are inserted at 72 characters per line. In some cases the quote character (>) may also be missing.

*  Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express

Outlook (part of the Microsoft Office package) and Outlook Express (part of Windows/Internet Explorer) have several default settings which have to be corrected.
As there are different versions of these programs with slightly different menues you may want to use the information below only as a guide.

Turning off HTML:
Tools - Options - Send:
-Mail Sending Format: Plain Text
-News Sending Format: Plain Text

Line breaks and character set:
Tools - Options - Send - Mail Sending Format - Plain Text Settings:
Tools - Options - Send - News Sending Format - Plain Text Settings:
-Automatically wrap text at 72 characters
-Indent the original text with > when replying or forwarding: Yes
-Reply to messages using the
format in which they were sent : No
-Encode text using : None
-Allow 8-bit characters in headers: No

Tools - Options - Send - International Settings:
-Default Encoding: Western European (ISO)

International reply subject-prefix (Re:):
Tools - Options - Send:
-Mail Sending Format: Plain Text
-News Sending Format: Plain Text
-Use English headers: Yes

Turning off vCard attachements:
Tools - Options -Compose - Business Card:
-Include my business card when creating new messages: No

Some useful links:

*  Netscape Communicator
Netscape's Communicator has built in email/news capabilities. You should check to see if HTML is switched off and line-breaks are inserted.
Turning off HTML/setting line-breaks:
Edit - Preferences - Mail & Groups -Messages:
-By default, send HTML messages: No
-Wrap long lines at : 72 characters

Some useful links...

*  AOL (America Online)
As of version 6.0 of AOL's software it's no longer possible to switch off HTML for some strange reason.
There are however a few ways you can get past this:
  • Revert back to an older version of AOL's software which has provisions for switching off HTML.
  • Use AOL's "AOL-anywhere" webmailer which allows you to send using plain text.
  • Change to a regular Internet provider where you can use any email program of your choice.
  • Try one of the (unofficial) suggestions as follows:

  1. Make sure your font is set to Arial 10, which is the AOL default.
  2. Create a message using only the default Arial 10 font.
    Any quoted text pasted in from another message must also be in Arial 10 (no bold, other sizes or colours).
    Note: if you paste a message that was received in HTML format, it will probably cause you to send in HTML.
  3. Press <CTRL> and A to highlight the entire message.
  4. Right click anywhere in the message itself. A Popup menu will appear.
    Move the cursor to "text" and another menu will appear.
    Move the cursor to "normal" and click on it.
  5. Send the message.

Some useful links:

*  Other programs/general information
Have a look at the following links for information on other email programs and general 'netiquette':

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