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Notator SL is a MIDI sequencer/score program for the Atari ST line of computers.
It was one of the leading software sequencers during the late 80s and well into the 90s, and is to this very day still being used by music professionals.
Unfortunately the developers decided to abandon it and concentrate on music-software for other platforms, so there is no longer any official support available. was created to help users get together to exchange ideas and experiences using Notator SL.
Anyone using Notator SL, Creator SL (the same program minus the notational part) or Notator Alpha (a cut down/educational version of Notator SL) is welcome to join the Notator mailing list. is run by a private individual in his spare time and hosted by volunteering Notator users.
Funding needed to keep alive is completely dependant on voluntary contributions from its members. is 100% non-profit and independant, and is not in any way supported by or affiliated with Emagic GmbH (now owned by Apple computer Inc.)
or any other commercial organization/company.


Join the Notator mailing list (discussion forum)

Join the mailing list by clicking the link below and filling in the form.
Once you've been subscribed you can get together with Notator/Creator users from all over the world and discuss anything related to the subject; share your experiences, solve problems, ask questions etc.
Discussions are done via email.
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